A Message from the new President of NCHM
5/14/2018 11:07:39 AM

To be chosen as the new president of the National Center for Housing Management (NCHM) by the Board of Directors is an extreme honor. While I am new to the job, I am certainly not new to the organization, as I have been affiliated with NCHM in a variety of capacities for thirty-seven years. I served as Executive Vice President from 1981 - 1987, when I left to pursue opportunities in the private real estate sector. During my private sector career, I stayed connected to NCHM by serving as a board member, instructor, and consultant. When I returned full-time in 2013 as National Director of Housing Programs, I was back designing and delivering training programs and webinars and guiding our property management practice.

Essentially, I have worked at every level and in virtually every function of the organization, including, in a way, in the shipping department. Back in 1981, we had a four-person staff and part of my duties as Executive Vice President was to box up and ship training materials.  That experience taught me that even the smallest task matters – it’s difficult to run a training program without the right materials! Since those days, I’ve watched NCHM grow and accomplish much. Today, with a staff and faculty of more than forty strong, we have become the premier source of education and credentialing in the affordable housing industry and we are beginning to make our mark in the market-rate housing world.

One of the reasons for our success is our focus on continuous improvement in every aspect of our business, from operations to programs and everything in between. Over the past several weeks, I have met with our extraordinarily talented staff to assess our past and plan for the future. Together, we have developed an ambitious plan, driven by our desire to improve every experience and provide even more enriching professional education and resources. I’m very excited about it and cannot wait for our clients, participants, students, and friends to see and experience what we have in mind.

It is a plan driven by what my colleagues and I have learned in the classroom and out on the properties. You tell us your concerns, your priorities, the obstacles you encounter, and we do our best to give you answers, whether that be a greater understanding of the complex regulations that drive our business, a new approach to accomplishing maintenance, or a solution to a vexing resident issue. Strengthening this bond, which has always been a hallmark of NCHM, will be our central mission.

To build on this, we want to greatly increase and improve the communication we get from you. To that end, I invite you, the professionals we serve day in and day out, to help us craft a future for the National Center for Housing Management that can serve you and your communities better. We will be formally reaching out to in a variety of ways in the coming weeks and months, but you are also invited to provide us with direct feedback.

The email addresses of all of our key staff and instructors will be available on our website. My email (pvotto@nchm.org) is there now. Drop me a line. I’m excited to know what you think. How can we help you better? What issues are getting in the way of your personal career development? What problems are you encountering in your jobs? What solutions do you want to share with others? Please let us know. Together we will shape the future of this important national resource.


Paul Votto


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