INSIDE THE ACRONYM: A Behind the Scenes Look Inside NCHM
7/26/2018 12:06:02 PM

Get the Inside Scoop on Coming Changes

In our inaugural edition of the Housing Management Quarterly, we shared some of the changes going on inside NCHM. Several readers let us know that they appreciated this “look behind the scenes.” We really should not have been too surprised by this reaction – you always want to be in the know. The people have spoken so we’ve decided to make this a regular feature of the new HMQ.


Here are a few things that have happened around “The Center” since our last publication:


Last fall, NCHM was selected to be one of the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) primary training organizations for its “NextGen Operations” initiative. This initiative is intended to move the agency to asset-based management. We are delivering three programs multiple times over the next four and a half years: Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM), Certified Occupancy Specialist – Public Housing (COS-P), and a special version of Certified Manager of Housing (CMH). So far, we have held nearly a dozen classes attended by well over 200 NYCHA employees.


Just how big is NYCHA? Well, its 176,066 units make it the largest public housing agency in the United States by far (Puerto Rico is second with about 60,000 units). Between its public housing and Section 8 units, NYCHA houses nearly 600,000 people – that’s 1 out of every 14 New Yorkers. Fun fact that might floor you:  NYCHA buildings contain 3,286 elevators! Life in the Big Apple is full of ups and downs.


Yes, Max Lesser is gone but we have added a wonderful new person to the NCHM team. Many NCHM clients came to know Max by name since he handled a significant amount of the communication during the class registration process. Also, Max often was the technician behind the scenes for our on-line webinars and training programs. Alas, Max has left NCHM for a shot at his other passion: billiards. No, we aren’t kidding. Max has always had a great deal of interest in the game and has joined a company that manufactures and sells billiard equipment. We certainly wish him well and hope he “runs the table.” While no one can replace Max, we are pleased to announce that Khloe Ferguson has joined the team. If you call to register for a program, there is good chance you will talk to Khloe. If so, please say hello and welcome Khloe to the team.


Carrie Tietjen is even more of a NCHM family member now. Many NCHM alumni have had the pleasure of attending one of Carrie’s classes, as she teaches several NCHM courses including every class in the COS series, TCS, BOS, MORS, EIV and Fair Housing. Carrie has been a nearly full-time contractor for NCHM for several years but now we are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2018 she joined the faculty as a full-time employee. If you would like to congratulate her shoot her an email at


A new look ahead for NCHM. In our 46 years of existence, NCHM has had two primary logos. The first one, launched at NCHM’s inception in 1972 was referred to as the “hands” logo as it was stylized overlapping hands in a half-moon configuration. It’s very likely some of our more seasoned alumni have that logo on a certificate or workbook. Later on, the “sun” logo was introduced, and it is the primary image used today in a couple of different versions.


Well we decided it was time for a change, so by the time the next HMQ hits your mailbox you can expect a new symbol. What will it be? Here’s a hint: it will combine something old with something classic. We love it and we hope you will, too. More importantly, it signals our renewed commitment to professional development and career advancement in the housing management industry.


That’s all for now from Inside the Acronym. Until next time…

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