Customized Group Training

Have a group of staff to train?

NCHM will bring any of our programs directly to the location of your choice and on dates convenient to you.

It's a great way to meet your training needs and save time and money.

With our reasonable minimum group pricing, classes as small as twelve participants can be an attractive option. And, the larger the group, the lower the per student price.

What our customers say about customized group training:

“The Mid-Atlantic AHMA has been pleased to partner with NCHM to offer the BOS [Blended Occupancy Specialist] course to our members. I personally found the NCHM staff to be very helpful and accommodating as we scheduled the events, and Jo [Ikelheimer] always gets rave reviews from the course participants. This partnership allows us to provide important and much requested training at a reduced cost for our members.”

Theresa Fuhr Doherty, Executive Director
Mid-Atlantic AHMA, Richmond, VA

“For cost effectiveness, we had NCHM come to us! This saved the Denver Housing Authority thousands of dollars of travel expenses, allowed several more employees to attend—and it was easy to coordinate. We look forward to more trainings being brought here to Denver!”

Barbara Hammond, Manager of Compliance and Training
Denver Housing Authority

“The NCHM trainers were excellent, we saved time and money, and we were able to customize our questions specifically to our properties. Our managers enjoyed the camaraderie with co-workers. We look forward to more on site trainings with NCHM.”

Teresa Bracht-Williams, Compliance Director
Conifer Realty, LLC, Rochester, NY

“NCHM has always provided what we consider the industry’s best training in housing management. The instructors are well-versed and the curriculum is very specific to the needs of the assisted housing that we manage. We look forward to enrolling 35 managers into the COS Advanced program this year.”

Jeffery S. Cottingham, Property Manager
Robert Cottingham Property Mgmt. Co., Peoria, Illinois

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For more information on our current offerings or how customized group training works, please contact NCHM's Director of Client Services, at 800-368-5625 or by clicking on the button below.