COS Reloaded

NCHM's flagship program gets a makeover

How do you improve on a classic? Beginning in 2018, participants in NCHM's Certified Occupancy Specialist class will find out.

COS was the nation's first HUD occupancy certification class and remains the most trusted training program of its kind. To ensure COS remains the industry standard, our program developers have rebuilt the program from the ground up. Improvements include:

Updated content

The COS update incorporates all relevant HUD Notices issued since Change 4 to HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1, including those related to income exclusions, streamlined income determination, Section 8 student eligibility, HUD’s equal access rule, and the use of arrest records in housing decisions.

New case studies and exercises

To improve the instructional continuity of the class, case studies in the COS update are built around one family (students will come to know the Perry family quite well by the end of class). Additionally, all of the exercises and quizzes have been refreshed and made current with today’s regulatory landscape.

Streamlined workflow

While the gross weight of the program’s materials will not change much (a handbook is a handbook), their structure and organization have been streamlined to facilitate classroom use. New quick-reference cards, profile cards, and worksheets will help students – both in class and beyond – to solve their occupancy challenges.

Are you due for an update, too?

Even if you already have your COS and have been in the field for years, this is the perfect time to update your occupancy skills – with the updated COS certification class. See list of upcoming event dates on the right. For more information about COS, click below.

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