Certified Voucher Specialist

Comprehensive training in the occupancy requirements of HUD Voucher programs

Certified Voucher Specialist (CVS) provides comprehensive occupancy training for the Housing Choice and Project-Based Voucher programs. Public Housing Authority (PHA) administrators and staff, as well as property owners considering participation in the Housing Choice Voucher or Project-Based Voucher programs.

The program is designed primarily for those new to vouchers, but is also valuable for intermediate and experienced personnel. While it is geared toward PHAs and their administration of the voucher programs, owners who are are considering participation in either the Housing Choice Voucher or Project-Based Voucher program will find the course valuable as well.

What you’ll learn:

Certified Voucher Specialist covers all core occupancy requirements and functions, including:

  • Income, asset and adjusted income calculations
  • Program-based rent calculations
  • Verification and eligibility requirements
  • Annual and interim reexaminations
  • Applicable civil rights and Fair Housing obligations

The CVS manual incorporates HUD Handbook 7420.10G and numerous other HUD Rules, Notices and Memos containing updated occupancy guidance for the programs.

Instruction is delivered through lecture and an integrated multimedia presentation. Training notes, coordinated with the presentation, facilitate participants’ preparation for the online certification examination. Strong emphasis is placed on learning how to use the federal regulatory guidance materials for future success in understanding how to manage the programs.

Computerized grading of the exam results allows each participant to see their numeric score, relative standing, and a detailed breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses in various testing areas. Participants with passing scores will earn a CVS certificate; others will receive certificates of participation.

Download CVS course description


Duration: Two days
Exam: Online exam - one week to complete
Format: Multimedia, lecture, and discussion
Prerequisites: None
Audience: PHA staff and property owners
Provided: CVS manual and training notes; complete copy of HUD Handbook 7420.10G
Bring: Calculator and no. 2 pencil (required); highlighter, sticky notes 
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