EIV 1-Day Workshop

A thorough exploration of HUD's Enterprise Income Verification system

The EIV 1-Day Workshop was designed to address the confusion that continues to surround HUD's Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system. The course is appropriate for housing managers involved with HUD programs including public housing; Section 8 project-based, including Section 202/8; Section 101 Rent Supplement (RentSup); Rural Housing Services 515/8; Section 202/162 PAC; Section 202 PRAC; Section 811 PRAC; Section 236; Section 236 RAP; and Section 221(d)(3) BMIR.

According to HUD, the EIV system—an independent third-party income verification source—"has already proven to be instrumental in reducing income and rent determination errors and improper payments due to unreported and underreported family household income." That may be so, but the feedback we’ve heard from housing professionals trying to adapt to the new system indicates there is plenty of confusion, fear, and loathing on the subject.

The EIV 1-Day Workshop centers around the HUD EIV Notice and includes a sample EIV policy developed by NCHM; case studies; and a close look at various EIV reports and how they are to be used. Special attention is paid to EIV in the context of a Management and Occupancy Review (MOR).

What you’ll learn:

  • Comprehensive review of the HUD EIV Notice
  • EIV security requirements
  • EIV and tenant files
  • The "rules of behavior"
  • EIV reports: When to run them, what they say, and how to resolve disputed or incorrect information
  • EIV and your Management and Occupancy Review
  • Whatever happened to Upfront Income Verification?
  • What might be next for EIV
Download the EIV 1-Day Workshop course description


Duration: One-day program
Exam: No; certification of participation offered
Format: Lecture, with group participation
Prerequisites: None/Introductory to intermediate
Audience: Managers of HUD assisted housing
Provided: Manual, Powerpoint handout
Bring: Pen/pencil; notepad
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