Certified Voucher Specialist Online

Online occupancy training for Voucher Program specialists

Certified Voucher Specialist (CVS) Online provides comprehensive occupancy training for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Housing Choice and Project-Based Voucher Programs. It replicates the CVS classroom experience over four, three-hour afternoon webinar sessions without participants having to leave the office. The course concludes with an online certification exam.

Session One begins the path toward properly determining program eligibility by examining the regulatory guidance for identifying and calculating family Income and Assets. Classwork includes exercises and quizzes and homework is assigned at the end of the session

Session Two follows the material presented in the first session to its natural conclusion by covering the correct calculation of Allowances in order to determine Adjusted Income and from there calculate the appropriate Tenant Rent and Housing Assistance Payments. Every session includes exercises and/or quizzes, along with homework assignments, as well as review of all classwork and question and answer sessions that allows for participant feedback. Students will be assigned their first Case Study for homework with Session Two.

Session Three continues the discussion on accurately qualifying applicants by teaching the ins and outs of regulatory Verification requirements and additional Eligibility criteria to include citizenship status and student qualification, among others. Case Study #2 will be assigned for homework this evening.

Session Four will proceed with the final topics of the course – Reexaminations and Civil Rights and Fair Housing. In addition to the combined quiz for these, a CVS review quiz will be administered covering the entire course content and helping to prepare participants for the online exam. There will also be an exam review to go over the logistics of how to access and take the exam, along with the final Q and A.

Upon conclusion of instruction, students will have one-week in which to access the online exam in order to receive their CVS certification. Results will be sent via email and certificates mailed to participants upon passing. Others will receive certificates of participation and options for retesting will be provided.


Duration: Online course taught over one week
Exam: Includes online exam
Format: Class will meet online Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1pm to 4pm EST. Homework will be assigned each day and will be reviewed at the beginning of class the following day. Any final issues will be discussed in the latter part of the fourth day of class, after which the online exam will be available through the following week.
Prerequisites: None
Audience: Voucher program administrators and owners interested in the Housing Choice Voucher Program
Provided:  CVS Manual; complete copy of HUD Handbook 7420.10G and other pertinent regulatory guidance; CVS Training Notes
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