Enterprise Income Verification Specialist Online

The fundamentals of HUD's Enterprise Income Verification System

HUD's Enterprise Income Verification System was developed as a tool to simplify the income verification process and improve the accuracy of tenant rent calculations. Use of the system has been mandatory since January 2010.

EIVS Online covers everything you need to know about the HUD Enterprise Income Verification System including its purpose, how it developed, how to sign up, how to maintain access, which reports are required, how to interpret reports, how to resolve any discrepancies and how to ensure the security of the data.

EIVS Online is appropriate for all managers, assistant managers, management office compliance staff and any other persons involved with the tenant certification process.

What you’ll learn:

Part 1: The basics of EIV

In this section, we will cover the history of the EIV system, how it developed, its purpose, and how to get signed up for and maintain access to the system. We will also discuss the different roles an EIV user may have, how to maintain the security of the EIV data, and the penalties for willful disclosure of EIV information.

In this section, we will cover each of the EIV Income and Verification Reports individually. We will discuss the purpose of each report, where and when to access them, how to interpret them, and where to file the reports. We will also talk about how to handle any discrepancies that might come up.

Part 3: Resolving income discrepancies

In this section we will focus on the Income Discrepancy Report. We will discuss how to alert the tenant to a potential income discrepancy, how to investigate potential income discrepancies, and how to correct them. We will also cover HUD's requirements for any repayment agreement that you use with your tenants.

How you will learn:

EIV A-Z is a web-based program led by an experienced teacher and practitioner. The program is divided into three parts that are taught in two-hour webinars over three days. Participants can sign up for one, two or three sessions depending on their needs. Question-and-answer sessions allow the participants to engage in the training. Quizzes and exercises are used to practice and reinforce the newly learned concepts and techniques.


Duration:  Three webinars (2 hours each) over the course of three days
Exam: Optional Certification Exam
Format:  Online training with question and answer sessions
Prerequisites:  None
Audience:  Site managers and other site level personnel; area and regional managers; asset managers; regulators; corporate compliance staff; and others with an interest in HUD verification requirements
Provided:  Training Notes, links to pertinent HUD resources and documents
Bring: HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1 updated through Change 4 (revised 11/27/2013)

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