Certified Manager of Housing

The fundamentals of effective site-level management

Certified Manager of Housing® (CMH®) teaches the key concepts and skills needed to effectively operate multi-family housing at the site level. The program is based on NCHM's "Housing Management Performance Model," a tested and proven system for measuring and improving operating results in the key areas of property management. In addition to covering the "nuts and bolts" of site-level management, the program addresses the decision-making, team leadership, and inter-personal skills that are needed to guide staff and interact with residents in a productive and positive manner.

CMH is applicable for managers at all levels as well as those considering a career in housing management.

Please note: The certification exam for this class is now completed online. As a result, the class concludes in two days, and students have one week to complete the online exam. (Class duration may be different at NHMI; please check specific NHMI event information.)

What you’ll learn:

The essential performance outcomes that determine property success

Refined over thirty-five years, NCHM's Housing Management Performance Model outlines the key outcomes that determine the success of a rental community in four functional areas: occupancy management, community management, maintenance management and financial management. Participants are taught the meaning of important outcome measures such as occupancy rates, vacancy loss, turnover rate, turnaround time, and maintenance work order performance and productivity.

How to identify and solve problems impeding property success

Participants learn how to diagnose the underlying cause of property performance issues and zero in on corrective measures utilizing NCHM's time-tested, systematic process. Our simple to use, yet profoundly effective, tools empower managers to take action that has a real impact on bottom-line objectives.

How individual management styles impact operational effectiveness

Participants not only learn about the business of property management, they learn about themselves; how their individual strengths and leadership styles can be used more effectively and how they can increase their own productivity.

How to develop and lead a high-performing staff

Successful site-level management requires a team effort and the manager is the leader of that team. Whether a staff is small or large, a manager must know how to create the kind of commitment and cooperation that is essential if the team is to be effective. CMH shows participants how to be better team leaders, how to confront difficult situations, and how to inspire others to greater levels of performance.

How you will learn:

CMH is a classroom-based program led by an experienced teacher and practitioner. The program intermingles short lectures with individual and group exercises and a property-based case study. The exercises and case study work are designed to reinforce the lecture material and provide opportunities for participants to practice newly learned techniques and approaches. Many CMH® graduates consider the program the most important job-related training of their careers.


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Duration:  Two days
Exam: Includes Online Exam
Format:  Roundtable with lectures, individual and group exercises, case study work and discussion
Prerequisites:  None
Audience: Site managers and other site level personnel; area and regional managers; asset managers; regulators; and others with an interest in site-level operations
Provided: CMH Resource Book containing PowerPoint presentation, case study and reference materials
Bring: Calculator (required); highlighter, sticky notes 
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