Certification and Industry Standards

A central part of NCHM's mission is establishing objective industry standards. One of the ways we do this is through our certification programs. An NCHM certification reflects much more than a completed course. It means a housing professional successfully navigated a rigorous, standards-based process. In every case, except for our advanced Registered Housing Manager (RHM) designation, the housing professional must complete the respective coursework and pass a comprehensive examination. To receive our Registered Housing Manager certification, our highest property management designation, the candidate must acquire certifications in four core areas and then prepare a detailed property assessment that is evaluated and graded by a panel of industry experts.

When an NCHM certificate is issued, it is truly earned. Recipients know that they possess a credential with real value -- a credential recognized throughout the housing industry as a standard of professionalism and capability.

Benefits of active certification Include:

The benefits of an NCHM certification do not end when the certificate is issued. By renewing annually (at the modest fee of only $95), active holders of NCHM certifications are entitled to these services and rewards:

Active Certification Card - This wallet-sized card verifies your active status and contains your unique identification number, which you can use to access exclusive discounts and services.

The NCHM eHotline - Thousands of industry professionals take advantage of the only technical assistance resource of its kind in the Nation. Exclusively devoted to active NCHM certified professionals, the eHotline is available free of charge whenever you have a technical question. It's like having an NCHM expert as your in-house consultant!

Discounts on Training and Certification Programs - As an actively certified professional you are eligible for tuition discounts on all classroom based training programs and select on-line courses.

Listing in the National Registery of Certified Housing Professionals - All actively certified professionals are listed in NCHM's on-line National Register of Certified Housing Professionals, the go-to reference point for employers looking to verify credentials and identify potential recruits.

Housing Management Update  - This monthly newsletter contains late-breaking industry news and informative articles by such NCHM experts as Mark Alper, Jo Ikelheimer, Lisa Vercauteren, and Paul Votto.

Replacement Certificates - Need a replacement copy of an NCHM certificate? Actively certified professionals can obtain one free of charge.