Bullying in Senior Housing (On-Demand)



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From the cliques at the front door that prey on certain residents as they enter and leave building, to the resident association taken over by leaders who use it to intimidate others, bullying in senior housing takes many forms.

Those who manage senior housing need to know how to recognize the behavior and address it before it gets out of hand. Since it was first offered in 2014, this webinar has been attended by more than a thousand housing professionals. The webinar continues to evolve, with updates derived from NCHM's own research, insights from previous webinar attendees, and input from managers, residents, and a variety of experts.

Join NCHM President Paul Votto, the leader on this topic since its introduction, as he explores:

  • The prevalence of bullying in senior housing
  • The underlying causes of bullying
  • The risks management runs when bullying is allowed to continue unchecked
  • What management can do to address bullying when it occurs
  • How residents are taking on the issue nationally and locally
  • Proactive measures to keep bullying from becoming a problem in the first place

Presentation Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes