RHM path leads to thriving career

Lisa Goulet didn’t set out to become a housing manager. But her path led her to NCHM's Registered Housing Manager designation, and today she is a successful portfolio manager in San Diego. Click above to hear her story.

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Are you ready to get your training on? The National Housing Management Institute – eight classes in a five-day period – is heading back to Chicago for the third year in a row. This year's event will be held in downtown Chicago at the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro Downtown, June 20-24. It's a great opportunity to expand your skill set and learn from your peers. Save $50 when you register for two classes.

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Eviction stories stir compassion – and questions

Paul Votto

I’m not certain but I believe this may be the first book review that has ever appeared in Housing Management Update. That is, of course, if you don’t count the HUD Handbook 4350.3 as a “book” in the conventional sense!

Let me start at the end. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond is a must-read for anyone involved in property management, particularly those in the affordable housing world. I’ll take it one giant step further: it’s a must-read for every American who cares about our future as a nation.

Desmond, a professor of social sciences at Harvard University and a 2015 recipient of a prestigious “Genius” grant from the MacArthur Foundation, spent over a year deeply embedded in the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His book chronicles the lives of eight families as they face eviction. The stories are riveting, even for a guy like me who started out working in the toughest public housing projects in Miami and has spent nearly 40 years in the housing industry.

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LIHTC regs often updated; the guide, not so much

Jo Ikelheimer

While the IRS Guide for Completing Form 8823 hasn't seen an update since 2011, don't take that to mean that no important new guidance for the LIHTC program has been issued since then. For example, Change 4 to HUD Handbook 4350.3 – probably the most significant update to the LIHTC program, published three years ago – is not yet reflected in the 8823 guide. The IRS has stated, however, that the Change 4 requirements should prevail over applicable guidance currently found in the guide. Hopefully all LIHTC managers are aware of this and keep a current version of the HUD Handbook on hand for reference.

But Change 4 is only the most obvious example of critical guidance that has not yet found its way into the 8823 guide. Since the Section 42 regulations borrow from HUD guidance when it comes to properly identifying and calculating income for applicants and tenants, several recent HUD notices bear directly on LIHTC managers. For example, a notice issued in January of 2015 addresses tenant protections for owners who have both HUD assistance and LIHTC at their sites. This can be a significant issue when HUD properties undergo acquisition/rehab using tax credits.

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