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Fair housing tips for holiday decorating

Lisa Vercauteren

It is time to pull out those boxes of holiday decorations! As you do so, please keep in mind that religion is a protected class under the Fair Housing Act. Our residents, applicants, and staff should not feel that they are being treated differently, given different opportunities, excluded or disadvantaged because they practice (or don't practice) a certain religion. Because the December holidays are rooted in religious celebrations, the likelihood of this happening is strong if you don't take certain precautions.

As you decorate for the holiday season and plan those parties, please keep the following tips in mind

When decorating the commons areas and exterior of your community, think festive not religious. Greenery, colored lights, snowmen, and snowflakes all convey the festive atmosphere without alluding to a specific religion. Certain holiday symbols, such as Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, and the menorah, have also been deemed "non-religious" by the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity and are okay to use as well. Others, such as a nativity scene, the Star of David, and a crucifix are still considered religious symbols and should not be used in common areas unless you are giving equal representation to all religions.


Training that performs in the long run

Glenn Stevens

By Glenn Stevens, NCHM President

The numbers don’t lie, but sometimes they don't reveal the entire truth either. Based solely on the number of attendees, the National Center for Housing Management is best known for its Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) and Tax Credit Specialist (TCS) programs. Without question, those programs are essential to staying in compliance with federal occupancy requirements and thereby keeping revenue flowing. We are very proud of these programs and the impact that they have. But when we ask alumni who have taken multiple courses from us which ones have had the most impact on their careers, they overwhelmingly cite our Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM), Certified Manager of Housing (CMH), and Certified Manager of Senior Housing (CMSH) classes.

Management companies and housing authorities routinely choose COS and TCS for corporate "specials" or private trainings. NCHM senior instructor James Waller, who teaches CMM and CMH, finds it baffling that more organizations don't also opt for a CMM, CMH, or CMSH class.

"COS is obviously important," says Waller, "but it addresses just one function. If properties get into financial or operational trouble, it is almost always due to a failure in the basic property management functions -- the stuff we teach in CMH, CMM, and CMSH, not COS."