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NCHM President Glenn Stevens talks about NCHM training.

Housing Management Institute, San Francisco, Sept. 26-30

Training institute heads to San Francisco, Sept. 26-30

Join NCHM in San Francisco Sept. 26-30 for the West Coast edition of the Housing Management Institute (HMI). Choose from six of our most popular certification programs. Take one course or two – HMI gives you a convenient and efficient way to get the training you need.

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Classroom Training

From property performance to compliance and occupancy, our certification courses set the industry standard.


Online Training

Our live and on-demand webinars address both late-breaking issues and core competencies that impact housing professionals.


Organizational Consulting

We help organizations assess and improve their performance. Learn how we can help your organization reach its full potential.


Aptitude Testing

Our position-specific online aptitude testing platform enables you to identify the right candidates for employment and promotion.


Housing managers cope with increasing expectations

Paul Votto

I’ve been in and around the rental housing business for nearly forty years and during that time I have seen the job of the housing manager change dramatically. I’ve had students in my classes audibly gasp when I’ve told them about ads run in local papers back in the day saying something like: “Caretaker couple wanted for apartments. Husband to do light maintenance. Wife to show apartments and do paperwork.” Back then, the job of the housing manager was rarely viewed as a professional level position. No special skills or knowledge were expected. Pay was low and opportunity limited. Not surprisingly, it became a job that “attracted” a disproportionate number of females – not because it was so great, but because it wasn't.

A lot has changed since then, much of it for the better. Equal employment opportunity is the law of the land, and, more importantly, the ethic of most businesses. Housing management has evolved into a true profession.

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LLIHTC program marks 30 years – and gets a push

Jo Ikelheimer

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Tax Reform Act of 1986’s passage and subsequent enactment of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. The milestone was observed at the National Council of State Housing Agencies' Housing Credit Connect conference earlier this summer in Seattle, where it generated much reminiscing over the program's creation, its plight over the years, and speculation over where it is heading.

The keynote speaker for the opening plenary was Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), who recently introduced the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2016, which contains a number of provisions that would benefit the program if and when it becomes law. Co-sponsoring the bill is Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah), who represents critical bipartisan support which strengthens its chances of passage.

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