Rural Housing Specialist

The Premier Compliance Training and Certification for USDA Rural Development housing professionals

Rural Housing Specialist (RHS) is intended to help students become proficient in occupancy compliance for the Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The training covers applicable regulations and guidance in the occupancy of RD multi-family housing, the proper methods and practices for qualifying applicants and recertifying existing residents, and steps needed to successfully maintain compliance. RHS is an online course with live instruction conducted in four sessions over four consecutive days, including classwork quizzes and exercises and homework case studies. Upon completion of the training, participants have one week to take the online certification exam.

What you’ll learn:

  • Background on the USDA RD multifamily housing programs
  • A thorough review of all components of tenant eligibility
  • How to create and maintain a compliant Tenant Selection Plan and establish effective occupancy standards
  • How to properly identify and calculate income and assets
  • How to correctly apply and calculate deductions to determine adjusted income and appropriate tenant rent calculation
  • How to meet program requirements for verifications
  • How to conduct annual and interim recertifications to ensure ongoing eligibility

How you’ll learn:

  • The RHS course materials incorporate Rural Development guidance in HB-2-3560, applicable components of HUD Handbook 4350. 3 REV-1, as well as additional notices and guidance directly from RD and HUD to help students understand the many authoritative resources for the program.
  • Instruction is delivered through lecture and an integrated multimedia presentation. Extensive course materials, coordinated with the presentation, facilitate participants’ preparation for the online certification examination. Strong emphasis is placed on learning how to use the federal regulatory guidance materials for future success in managing USDA rental properties.

Course Profile

wdt_IDFirst ColumnSecond Column
9Duration (Live Online)Four Days; 1PM-5PM EST Each Day
11Exam (Live Online)Online certification exam; students have one week from completion of the course to take the exam
12FormatLecture with multimedia presentation
14AudienceAudience Managers, administrators, and others involved with USDA RD affordable housing programs
15ProvidedProvided RHS Course Manual, RHS Workbook, RHS Presentation Notebook

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