HUD Compliance 2024



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In 2023, HUD gave us a lot of new information to digest. Still feeling a little lost? HUD Compliance 2024 will help you and your team parse through some of the more dynamic rule changes and set you up for success in the year ahead.

We will review some of the more challenging rule changes under HOTMA, such as the new asset limitations for Section 8 and Public Housing programs, the revised methodologies for calculating annual income, and, of course, final HOTMA compliance dates.

We’ll also cover waiting list management in a pre- and post-HOTMA environment: what should your new application look like? How do you notify applicants of HOTMA changes?

Income and eligibility rules aren’t the only ones changing; HUD Compliance 2024 also discusses NSPIRE – HUD’s new, universal physical inspection protocol.

The Violence Against Women Act is also undergoing some important expansions. Along with some general reminders, we’ll talk about the new compliance review mandate and how HUD will be processing VAWA compliance violations in the same manner as fair housing violations.

This four-hour special webinar will boost your confidence in facing the new world of HUD-subsidized housing.