Certified Manager of Senior Housing (CMSH)

Senior Housing is a growing part of the housing industry, and NCHM’s expertise in the area is quickly becoming the gold-standard.

The knowledge and skills you need to successfully operate senior housing.

Senior Housing is an ever-increasing portion of the housing market – something that NCHM anticipated years ago when we first set out to create the Certified Manager of Senior Housing (CMSH) course. Based on our popular and highly-regarded Certified Manager of Housing (CMH) program, CMSH teaches the key concepts and skills needed to effectively manage senior housing. Utilizing NCHM’s proven Property Scoreboard, CMSH will show you how to measure and improve the operating results in all major areas of Senior Housing management. Built for both experienced managers of Senior Housing and those newly-introduced, CMSH provides a detailed overview of property management while addressing important topics like leadership and resident relations.

Please note: CMSH is delivered entirely online. The CMSH certification exam is also given online, and students have one week from the completion of the course to take the exam.

What you’ll learn:

  • The essential performance outcomes that determine property success

Refined over thirty-five years, NCHM’s Property Scoreboard outlines the key outcomes that determine the success of a rental community in four functional areas: occupancy management, community management, maintenance management and financial management. Participants are taught the meaning of important measures such as occupancy rates, vacancy loss, turnover rate, vacant unit turnaround time, maintenance work order performance and productivity and how to impact those measures.

  • A deeper understanding of the “senior market”

Special attention is paid to the underlying motivations of seniors as they consider a move to senior housing and the forces that are at work in the decision-making process. We also discuss practical ways to help manage the transition into senior housing and how that can reduce other problems later.

  • How to identify and solve problems that are impeding property success

Participants learn how to diagnose the underlying cause of property performance issues and zero in on corrective measures utilizing NCHM’s time-tested methods. Our simple to use, yet profoundly effective, tools empower managers to take action that has a real impact on bottom-line objectives.

  • How to develop and lead a high-performing staff

Successful management requires a team effort and the manager is the leader of that team. Whether a staff is small or large, a manager must know how to create the kind of commitment and cooperation that is essential if the team is to be effective. CMSH shows participants how to be better team leaders, how to confront difficult situations, and how to inspire others to greater levels of performance.

  • Is “Independent Living” still a useful term?

We explore the concepts behind the term “independent living”. What does it truly mean and is it relevant to your property? We introduce a “new paradigm” that might help us better understand, program and manage housing for seniors going forward.

  • How to create a vibrant senior housing community

We know it when we “feel it”: that sense that this is a good place to live; that we (or our family member) would be comfortable and happy living here. CMSH explores what goes into creating this feeling and the practical steps management can take to make it a reality. And it provides practical advice on addressing such problems as bullying, unnecessary psychological dependency, and service/needs mismatches.

One Stop For Training and Certification

When you register for Certified Manager of Senior Housing (CMSH), you are signing up to attend a live online training course delivered by a training team that is the best in the industry. Included with your training is the CMSH Certification exam, which you are able to complete up to one week after the conclusion of the training program. No need to find a testing provider or schedule an in-person exam – NCHM is your one-stop for a complete training and testing experience.

Course Profile

wdt_IDFirst ColumnSecond Column
1Duration (Live Online)Four Days; 1PM-5PM Eastern Each Day
2Exam (Online)Includes online exam - one week to complete
3FormatLive Online Instruction; Lecture and discussion
5AudienceSite-level managers and assistant managers; regional property managers; asset managers; regulators; and others with an interest in the details of property operations and driving bottom-line performance
6ProvidedCourse Materials Shipped Directly To You
7BringCalculator and pencil (required); pen, notepad (recommended)

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