Enterprise Income Verification Specialist (EIVS)

You will help countless potential tenants get the verification they need to live in housing that would be out of their reach without your expertise. Get the EIVS training you need from NCHM to be the professional you can be.

Be More than Technically Proficient – Become a Professional with EIVS

The use of HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification system (EIV) is mandatory for all HUD programs. With the right training, you can become a specialist in an essential function in the housing industry.

EIV was developed as a tool to simplify the income verification process and improve the accuracy of tenant rent calculations. Use of the system has been mandatory since January 2010.

EIVS covers everything you need to know about the HUD Enterprise Income Verification system including its purpose, how it developed, how to sign up, how to maintain access, which reports are required, how to interpret reports, how to resolve any discrepancies and how to ensure the security of the data.

The EIVS is appropriate for all managers, assistant managers, compliance staff and any other persons involved with the tenant certification process.

Please note: EIVS is delivered entirely online. The EIVS certification exam is also given online, and students have one week from the completion of the course to take the exam.

What you’ll learn:

  • The basics of EIV

In this section, we will cover the history of the EIV system, how it developed, its purpose, and how to get signed up for and maintain access to the system, security of the EIV data, and how to properly handle EIV data at mixed subsidy properties.

  • Verifications and required reports

In this section, we will cover each of the EIV Income and Verification Reports individually. We will discuss the purpose of each report, where and when to access them, how to interpret them, and where to file the reports. We will also address how to handle any discrepancies that might come up.

  • Resolving income discrepancies

In this section, we will focus on the Income Discrepancy Report. We will discuss how to alert a resident to a potential income discrepancy, how to investigate potential income discrepancies, and how to correct them. We will also cover HUD’s requirements for any repayment agreement that you use with your residents.

One Stop For Training and Certification

When you register for Enterprise Income Verification Specialist (EIVS), you are signing up to attend a live online training course delivered by a training team that is the best in the industry. Included with your training is the EIVS Certification exam, which you are able to complete up to one week after the conclusion of the training program. No need to find a testing provider or schedule an in-person exam – NCHM is your one-stop for a complete training and testing experience.

Course Profile

wdt_IDFirst ColumnSecond Column
8Duration (Live Online)Three Days; 2PM - 4PM Eastern Each Day
9Exam (Online)Includes online exam – one week to complete
10FormatLive Online Instruction; Lecture, with group participation
11PrerequisitesNone/Introductory to intermediate
12AudienceManagers of HUD-assisted housing
13ProvidedCourse Materials Shipped Directly To You
14BringPen/pencil; notepad

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