Now Enrolling: HUD Compliance 2022

August 30, 2022 – 1PM-4PM

Back by popular demand, NCHM is offering a second live presentation of HUD Compliance 2022, our annual presentation of the latest in the world of HUD Compliance.

Upcoming Online Training

Our live online training courses allow you to earn your certification no matter where you are. Taught by NCHM’s leading instructors live, online training will help you improve your knowledge, earn your certification and increase your effectiveness immediately.

Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS)

Sep. 26-29, 2022

The COS training is a comprehensive study of HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing guidelines and regulations set forth in HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1 and subsequent notices.

Tax Credit Specialist (TCS)

Sep. 19-22, 2022

TCS provides a thorough review of IRS regulations and guidance, including the IRS’s Guide for Completing Form 8823.

COS - Vouchers (COSV)

Sep. 19-22, 2022

Formerly CVS, COSV is completely redesigned to include the HCV Program Guide book and more.

Upcoming Webinars

SPECIAL EVENT: HUD Compliance 2022

Aug. 30, 2022 1-4PM
HUD Compliance 2022 is our three-hour live online special event that will walk you through the hot-button topics of HUD Compliance.

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We are the only organization mandated by the President of the United States to professionalize the housing industry. As the ultimate resource for knowledge, status, and credibility, owners and managers count on us to keep them ahead of the curve on complex regulations and industry best practices. We professionalize people and organizations, making them more valuable and effective.

Latest News & Insights

Veterans for Housing Initiative

Support for veterans of the United States armed services is a national priority, and many organizations have answered the call to help veterans in the areas of health care, housing, jobs, and beyond. We applaud these organizations for providing services to those who have selflessly pledged to protect our freedom and way of life.

But the Veterans for Housing Initiative is different. Our goal is to attract and train veterans for careers in housing management. We believe that the housing industry itself, and affordable housing in particular, represents a unique opportunity for veterans to continue to give back to their community while also being an excellent career choice.