Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM)

Our popular CMM certification ensures that you have all the knowledge to effectively manage all maintenance operations at your site and beyond.

Maintenance is arguably the most important element of a property – CMM will show you how to effectively manage it.

Our Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM) course shows learners how to develop and run an efficient and effective maintenance operation. CMM proves that careful planning and follow-through make all the difference in maintenance management. CMM is designed for property level managers, lead maintenance personnel, and supervisory staff.

Maintenance requests need to be accomplished quickly, correctly, and for the lowest cost possible in order to maintain resident satisfaction and financial viability. CMM shows how a well-prepared maintenance manager, who has a grasp of the fundamentals of both property and maintenance systems, can successfully navigate all of the maintenance needs of the property.

Starting in May 2020, CMM will be available as a Live Online course. Each online course will consist of four 4-hour sessions, and a certification exam to be completed online.

Please note: The certification exam for this class is completed online for both classroom and Live Online classes. Students have one week following completion of the class to take the online exam.

What you’ll learn:

  • The components of an effective maintenance program

Learn the fundamentals of a good maintenance program including work identification, work order system utilization, time and cost standards, purchasing, inventory control, financial management, personnel, and performance monitoring.

  • How to assess and improve productivity

Learn the difference between “applied time” and “unapplied time” and how productivity can be improved by working smarter not harder.

  • How to analyze and control maintenance costs

Learn how to truly understand the cost of maintenance and the actions that can be taken to produce better outcomes for fewer dollars; learn the relationship between maintenance and capital improvements and how each can reinforce the other through good decision-making.

  • How to reduce on-demand maintenance and increase planned and preventative maintenance

Learn how to increase your control over property conditions by moving away from reactive maintenance to maintenance that is planned and preventative.

How you’ll learn:

  • CMM is a classroom-based program led by an experienced instructor and practitioner. The program intermingles short lectures with individual and group exercises and case studies. The exercises and case studies are designed to reinforce the lecture material and provide opportunities for participants to practice newly learned techniques and approaches.

Course Profile

wdt_IDFirst ColumnSecond Column
8Duration (Classroom)Two Days; 8AM - 5PM Local Time Each Day
9Duration (Live Online)Four Days; 1PM - 5PM EST Each Day
10ExamIncludes online exam – one week to complete
11FormatRoundtable with lectures, individual and group exercises, case study work, and discussion
13AudienceManagers and other site level personnel; maintenance and facility managers; area and regional managers; asset managers; regulators; and others with an interest in site-level maintenance operations
14ProvidedCourse Materials
15BringCalculator (required); highlighter, sticky notes (recommended)

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