The most important role across the entire spectrum of multi-family housing may very well be that of property management. All of the planning, development and finance activities are of critical importance, but the success or failure of a rental housing community leans heavily on its foundation of property management. Any organization that does not have competent and dedicated leasing, occupancy, management and maintenance personnel at the service delivery level will not be successful.

At its core, property management is where the action happens. Personnel must not only know what to do, they must have the skills and dedication to make it happen. They also must know how to work together as a team and interact effectively with their customers — the residents of their communities.

In other words, a successful property management team must be professional… and true pros train with NCHM.

NCHM’s property management training and certification programs are primarily focused at the site or property-level. At NCHM Ww have long held the view that a housing management organization, no matter its size, is only as strong as the people who carry out the day-to-day functions at the property-level. These functions include leasing and occupancy, maintenance and facilities management, community management and lease enforcement and resident services – with financial management woven through each segment. NCHM’s training and certification programs are designed to build competency in these core areas of performance.

This laser focus on building strong competency at the property-level is at the heart of the mission given to NCHM when it was established in 1972 and remains just as strong today. Many things have changed in 50 years but the preeminent role of site management has not. Site management makes or breaks an organization.

NCHM also understands that it is not enough to have knowledge in these core areas – site personnel must have the skills to go with that knowledge. Consequently, NCHM property management training covers critical management topics such as leadership, individual and team accountability and effective decision-making.

While NCHM is primarily focused on property-level performance, our programs also help supervisory and executive level staff assess the quality of housing management performance and build more effective systems and processes for driving that performance to the highest level. Our courses will professionalize every level of any organization.

There are a lot of moving parts in the critical role of property management. This is the training that will keep these valuable teams operating at peak performance.

Certification & Course Offerings

Certified Manager of Housing (CMH)

Certified Manager of Housing (CMH) teaches the key concepts and skills needed to operate multi-family housing at the site level. Featuring NCHM’s Property Scoreboard, a proven system for measuring and improving results, CMH focuses on the fundamentals of occupancy, maintenance management, resident community management, and financial management. Newly expanded for 2020, CMH also teaches the keys to effective supervision and leadership.

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Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM)
Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM) teaches managers how to get the most out of a maintenance operation through careful planning and daily decision-making. CMM is designed for site level property managers, lead maintenance managers, and supervisory personnel.

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Fair Housing Essentials (FHE)
Fair Housing Essentials provides participants with a working background in the requirements of the federal Fair Housing Act and other important Civil Rights statutes that pertain to Fair Housing compliance. This full day program covers what managers and others need to know to stay in compliance with Federal Housing laws.

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Registered Housing Manager (RHM)

Registered Housing Manager (RHM) is NCHM’s most prestigious property management certification. Candidates must first acquire certifications in NCHM’s four pillars: occupancy, management, maintenance, and financial management and then complete a Property Assessment, which is evaluated by NCHM’s Certification Review Board.

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Certified Manager of Senior Housing (CMSH)

Certified Manager of Senior Housing (CMSH) teaches the key concepts and skills needed to effectively manage senior housing. Utilizing NCHM’s proven Property Scoreboard, CMSH teaches how to measure and improve operating results in all major areas of Senior Housing management. Built for both experienced managers and those new to the field, CMSH provides a detailed overview of property management while addressing important topics unique to senior housing. CMSH is available for private group training only.

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Certified Financial Specialist (CFS)
Certified Financial Specialist (CFS) teaches the nuts and bolts of property-level financial management; knowledge that is essential to the successful operation of any type of multi-family or senior housing. CFS approaches the subject in two ways. First, it teaches participants what basic financial statements mean and how to use them in the day-to-day management of a property. Secondly, CFS goes in-depth on the proper way to develop an annual budget, teaching the critical steps in creating a budget that is accurate, achievable, and effective.

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Fair Housing Specialist (FHS)

Fair Housing Specialist provides participants with a thorough understanding of requirements of the federal Fair Housing Act and other important Civil Rights statutes that pertain to Fair Housing compliance and it goes in depth in how to review the policy, practice and procedures of a property to identify and address any areas of concern. The training leads to a certification in fair housing.

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Upcoming Property Management Courses

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Private Training by NCHM may be the answer.

For organizations looking to train 20+ employees at one time, NCHM offers Private Training administered by an NCHM expert instructor. These sessions can be delivered either online or in-person. Reach out today to see if Private Training is a good fit for your organization.

The Best Just Got Better

Certified Manager of Housing

CMH, our pioneering course for site-level management, has been expanded. Beyond training the skills needed for effective property management and operation, the expanded CHM includes a focus on leadership and supervision.