Fair Housing Essentials (FHE)

Gain a working knowledge of Fair Housing.

Learn what you need to know to stay compliant with Federal Fair Housing

Fair Housing Essentials (FHE) provides participants with a working background in the requirements of the Fair Housing Act and other important civil rights statutes that pertain to Fair Housing compliance. The Fair Housing Act covers all rental housing with more than four units. It makes no distinction between federally assisted housing and market rate housing. If you are involved with a federal housing program, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act applies as well.

In addition to lectures, the program has participants work together to explore actual civil rights case studies. The instructor assumes the role of an investigator and assesses hypothetical “fines” for incorrect or discriminatory actions, increasing the learning power of the program.

Participation in the FHE program can be the difference between compliance and non-compliance and between expensive lawsuits and lowered risk.

What you’ll learn:

  • Navigating the regulatory landscape: HUD handbooks, notices, RHIIP, etc.
  • Leasing compliance, including VAWA regulations
  • Advanced Fair Housing, Section 504, and LEP regulations
  • TRACS and MAT Files: How to ensure your records are complete
  • Discrepancy Resolution including Repayment Agreements
  • MOR Tips and Advanced Strategies for Auditing Files

Course Profile

wdt_IDFirst ColumnSecond Column
1DurationOnline course taught over a two-day period
2ExamIncludes online exam - one week to complete
3FormatClass meets online for three consecutive days. The three days of training are from 1pm to 4pm EST. The online exam is available for one week following the last day of the course.
4PrerequisitesCOS Certification or approved equivalent (non-COS must pass COS exam prior to attending COSA)
5AudienceOccupancy specialists; senior compliance staff
6ProvidedCourse Materials (Participants must provide their own HUD Handbook 4350.3, Rev. 1. updated through Change 4).

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