Benefits of Active Certification

NCHM was established to set industry standards for training and certification. Our nationally-recognized certifications have been the gold standard for housing professionals since 1972. Learn more about the benefits of Active Certifications with NCHM.

An NCHM certification reflects much more than a completed course. It means a housing professional passed a rigorous exam confirming that he or she possesses the critical knowledge needed to get the job done right. However, in today’s ever-changing world, it is important to stay abreast of new developments from changing regulations to advancements in management practices.

In order to facilitate this process and maintain the integrity of our certifications, NCHM has an annual continuing education requirement.

The process is simple. Each year on the anniversary date of receiving your first NCHM certification, you must renew your certifications by:

  1. Committing to take one continuing education course by the end of May of the year following your renewal date
  2. Committing (or re-committing) to the NCHM Code of Ethics
  3. Paying the nominal renewal fee.

(A person who holds multiple certifications pays only one fee and is free to choose the Update course that is most relevant to them. Completing the continuing education for one certification automatically meets the requirements for all of the certifications held by that person.)

The renewal courses, which are no longer than 2 hours each, are available on demand, making it extremely convenient. The continuing education courses are selected from NCHM’s three central subject areas:

• HUD Compliance
• Tax Credits
• Property Management

Each course covers either recent developments that are pertinent to the subject or topics that have proven to be particularly troublesome or of high interest by industry leaders. While required to take one of the courses, certificate holders are free to take as many courses as they’d like. The cost of the courses is included in the renewal fee.

Benefits of Active Certification include:

Renewal keeps your NCHM certifications in “active status”.

By renewing, active holders of NCHM certifications receive these benefits:

Unlimited Access to Continuing Education Courses – Professionals with certifications in active status can take any of the Continuing Education Courses as often as they like during the year. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date and to review those hot-button issues.

Exclusive Use of the NCHM eHotline – Through the eHotline, active NCHM certified professionals can pose questions through our dedicated online platform on any topic from federal compliance issues to property management concerns and have those questions answered by one of our leading experts. Each year thousands of industry professionals take advantage of this one of a kind technical assistance resource. It’s like having an NCHM expert as an on-call consultant!

Listing in the National Registry of Certified Housing Professionals – All actively certified professionals are listed as such in NCHM’s online National Register of Certified Housing Professionals, the go-to reference for employers looking to verify credentials.

Replacement Certificates and Certification Cards – Actively certified professionals can obtain replacement certificates and replacement annual certification cards at no cost.

Free download and approved use of Certification logos– NCHM certification logos are the visual evidence of the prestigious credentials they represent. Only actively certified professionals are licensed to use these trademarked logos on business cards and websites, and in correspondence and other communications. Hi-resolution images are available for download directly from NCHM at no cost.

Knowledge That You are Supporting NCHM’s Mission – Revenues from the renewal process help to underwrite NCHM’s continuing education course development and to support our mission of serving the industry as the premier provider of career development training, education and certification.