Certified Manager of Maintenance

The fundamentals of effective site-level maintenance management

Certified Manager of Maintenance® (CMM®) teaches managers how to get the most out of a maintenance operation through careful planning and daily decision-making. CMM is designed for site level property managers, lead maintenance managers, and supervisory personnel.

All managers of multi-family and senior housing properties are faced with the same challenge: getting maintenance needs accomplished quickly, correctly and at the least possible cost. CMM shows how to use existing work order systems to better plan and execute day-to-day maintenance. And it provides participants with tested tools and method for increasing productivity without increasing cost.

Please note: The certification exam for this class is now completed online. As a result, the class concludes in two days, and students have one week to complete the online exam. (Class duration may be different at NHMI; please check specific NHMI event information.)

What you’ll learn:

The components of an effective maintenance program

Learn the fundamentals of a good maintenance program including work identification, work order system utilization, time and cost standards, purchasing, inventory control, financial management, personnel, and performance monitoring.

How to set standards and establish priorities

Learn what a maintenance workload is and what it should be through acceptable standards; learn how to determine what work should get done first and why.

How to manage work, systems, and people

Learn how systems can be used to better manage staff and produce more work with less conflict. Participants will learn to analyze maintenance performance, motivate maintenance staff, measure personnel productivity, and coordinate efforts with other site level property management functions.

How to analyze and control maintenance costs

Learn how to truly understand the cost of maintenance and the actions that can be taken to produce better outcomes for fewer dollars; learn the relationship between maintenance and capital improvements and how each can reinforce the other through good decision-making.

How you will learn:

CMM is a classroom-based program led by an experienced teacher and practitioner. The program intermingles short lectures with individual and group exercises and case studies. The exercises and case studies are designed to reinforce the lecture material and provide opportunities for participants to practice newly learned techniques and approaches.

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Duration:  Two days
Exam: Includes ONLINE exam
Format: Roundtable with lectures, individual and group exercises, case study work, and discussion
Prerequisites: None
Audience: Site managers and other site level personnel; maintenance and facility managers; area and regional managers; asset managers; regulators; and others with an interest in site-level maintenance operations
Provided: CMM Course Book containing PowerPoint Presentation, case study and reference materials
Bring: Calculator (required); highlighter, sticky notes
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