HOME Compliance Specialist (HCS)



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The HOME Compliance Specialist (HCS) program is designed to help students become proficient in qualifying applicants for residency, balancing the requirements for specific unit types, and assuring compliance with their Participating Jurisdiction’s reporting policies. The course focuses on federal regulations associated with the HOME Investments Partnerships Program and how Participating Jurisdictions implement their own procedures to meet local needs.

Participants will learn:

  • The origins of the HOME program and how both private and public entities work together to expand the availability of affordable housing options.
  • Methods and requirements for calculating a household’s Annual Gross Income
  • How to balance multiple layers of compliance – especially for properties blended with Section 8 and/or the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.
  • The difference between High HOME units and Low HOME units, and the features of fixed units versus floating units
  • How to maintain a fiscally and operationally viable property over the long-term while staying in compliance with HOME’s objectives and requirements.