Blended Occupancy Specialist

Advanced training for those involved with properties receiving multiple subsidies

Blended Occupancy Specialist® (BOS®) is a comprehensive study of the compliance challenges posed by "blended" sites – those properties receiving subsidies from multiple sources and/or financed through multiple programs. BOS focuses on where the rules overlap, where they differ, and how to steer a compliant path through it all. BOS is geared toward owners/agents/regional managers/supervisors or site managers who have properties with any combination of HUD project based assistance, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, and HOME investment.

What you’ll learn:

An overview of the blended program

Receive a thorough overview of the basic mechanics of all three programs to begin the blended discussion. Learn about program design and administration, affordability periods, source of funds, eligibility requirements and key compliance documents in order to better understand them in a blended context. Students are introduced to the compliance and management Matrix and the course’s Case Study in this section of the course.

Preparing for and renting the units

While there are areas where the HUD, Tax Credit, and HOME rules are identical or complement each other, there are also instances of conflict. It is the conflicting areas that threaten to create compliance gaps. Learn how to manage your way through these difficulties by delving into issues such as Fair Housing law, tenant selection plans, and leases. In addition, tackle the challenges of determining household income, making student eligibility determinations, conducting proper verifications, and setting rents between the programs to master management of blended tenant eligibility. This section of the course deals with the eligibility discrepancies between the blended programs and gives students a good opportunity to fine-tune their decision-making capabilities when qualifying applicants for these properties.

Managing the unit mix and maintaining compliance

Two of the most significant challenges that exist at blended sites are the correct management of the unit mix and maintenance of compliance. Learn the nuances of ongoing eligibility including annual and interim recertification requirements, HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) requirements and how to deal with household status changes after initial certification. Know what to expect when your blended property is audited by its multiple regulatory entities and how to respond to findings. Share war stories with other participants about real world compliance nightmares to gain an even better understanding of blended management. Regardless of the program type, being out of compliance can cost time and money. By the conclusion of this course, management should have the compliance strategy skills they need to successfully save both at their blended properties.

Special note

BOS is an advanced course that focuses on the management of multiple compliance-related functions. For this reason, COS® or TCS® certification or its equivalent is required for registration.

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Duration:  Three days
Exam: Includes half-day certification exam
Format:  Lecture with multimedia presentation, group exercises and discussion
Prerequisites:  Tax Credit Specialist (TCS), Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), or equivalent
Audience:  Those with properties impacted by HUD, LIHTC, and/or HOME regulations 
Provided:  Resource manual, Training notes
Bring: Calculator (required); highlighter, sticky notes 
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