Certified Occupancy Specialist Prep (COS-Prep)

Your best bet for COS Success.

Improve your chances for success in COS

There’s no getting around it – Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) is a challenging course. If you are new to the housing industry or to your position, you will be walking into a strange new world of unfamiliar concepts and terminology. Just keeping all the abbreviations and acronyms straight is difficult…if you’re not prepared.

Since many property management companies require their staff to pass the COS exam, the prospect of taking the class can become even more intimidating. 

Don’t walk in cold!!

With COS Prep, you’ll hit the ground running.

What you’ll learn:

Imagine how much more confident you could be walking into class if you already understood how the course is structured, how to navigate around and through the course material, and how to perform the basic calculations that figure prominently in the COS exam! You will not have to waste your energy on the basics, so you will be able to focus on learning COS concepts with a clear head.

If these are advantages you would like to have at your disposal, then you should plan to attend our monthly COS Prep class online and learn:

  • What to expect during the COS class
  • How the class is structured
  • How the HUD Handbook 4350.3 is organized
  • Basic math that is needed to successfully complete the exercises
  • How to calculate income and allowances
  • What will be in the COS exam
  • And much more!

How you’ll learn:

COS Prep is an on-demand program that reviews the basic concepts, calculations, and methodology behind COS. COS Prep eliminates the fear and confusion that many students bring to the classroom.

Another huge advantage of the COS Prep course is that the instructors come from NCHM – so you will be exposed to a teaching and learning style that is consistent in all NCHM training. Familiarity breeds success!

Please note that COS Prep is strictly a primer and does not replace the full COS certification course in any way. Additionally, COS Prep is only available to those who are registered to attend a future COS class.

With all of these advantages available to you in a two-hour webinar that you can access from your workplace, home – anywhere with an Internet connection – why not give yourself a break and the best chance for success?

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