I am reaching out to you today regarding the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and how NCHM is responding to it.

Know that our first priority is the well-being of our customers, staff, instructors, students and their families and the millions of residents who rely upon our customers for their living environments.

We are also mindful that for customers, the management and operation of their properties must go on and we are dedicated to helping you in that mission.

Online Training

You and your staff can continue to receive the professional training you need and expect from us. As you may already know, NCHM offers our most popular certification courses online, including:

  • Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS)
  • Tax Credit Specialist (TCS)
  • Certified Voucher Specialist (CVS)
  • Enterprise Income Verification Specialist (EIVS)
  • Management Occupancy Review Specialist (MORS), and
  • Fair Housing Specialist (FHS).

Every online class covers the exact same material as the in-classroom version and is taught live by one of our most experienced instructors. Participants in online classes can interact with the instructor, just as they would in a physical classroom, getting answers in real-time to their most pressing questions. And because no class is longer than four hours each day, participants are able to carry out their regular duties and handle personal responsibilities as appropriate during non-class time.

Since demand has increased for our online offerings, we have doubled the frequency of our online programs and expanded the number of attendees in each class. We have also increased our capacity to offer online programs as private training for those organizations that desire to train their staff at one time but from remote locations, be that in an office, home or another setting.

You can find more information about our online programs here.

Status of In-classroom Programs

We continue to offer our scheduled in-classroom training around the Country. Since our programs are in small group settings with typically 25 or fewer attendees we are not currently affected by restrictions on large gatherings. We are keeping close tabs on local situations and will make any adjustments should they become necessary. Enrolled students will be notified by email immediately if their classes are affected.

Additionally, we are taking steps to ensure that our students and instructors are accommodated in settings that promote and support well-being and healthy behaviors, including, for example, increased distances between seating, more frequent cleaning of meeting rooms and common areas, increased availability of hand sanitizers, and commonsense changes to beverage service (bottled water instead of pitchers, single-serve disposable creamers, etc.).

We have also modified our cancellation and re-scheduling policies. You can find them here.

For nearly 50 years NCHM has helped the housing industry successfully respond to changing conditions and challenging situations and we will continue to be there for you now and in the future.

Thank you for choosing the National Center for Housing Management for your training needs and thank you for everything you do every day to deliver quality living environments across America.

Paul Votto, President

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