Blended Basics: LIHTC and HUD P/B

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As the nation's portfolio of affordable housing continues to age and the amount of available federal resources shrinks, blended sites (also known as layered or combo sites) have become the new reality. Along with this new reality, however, comes the difficulty of navigating the different regulatory requirements at these blended sites.

To help meet the need for this specialized training, NCHM has developed a webinar series that focuses on managing compliance at blended properties.

In the first webinar in the series, we look at sites that combine financing through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program and HUD project-based subsidy.

The good news for property managers who find themselves blending LIHTC with HUD project-based programs is that the two are compatible in many ways. There are, however, a number of critical differences that can impact compliance for both programs if not managed properly. HUD programs tend to be more tightly regulated than LIHTC because of the monthly rental assistance paid to subsidize tenant rent, for example, but there are also areas where LIHTC is more restrictive. Knowing the precise interplay between the different sets of rules is key to successful compliance management.