Enterprise Income Verification Specialist (EIVS)

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Navigating the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system can be an intimidating task. HUD’s Secure Systems offers a multitude of reports with a wide range of data, but all that information can become overwhelming!

In EIVS, NCHM breaks down everything you need to know about EIV. We’ll explain the origins of the system and why it’s so important to utilize it in its entirety. As we guide you through what each report EIV offers, we’ll explain how to interpret the information you receive, what the different messages mean, and how to maximize EIV’s utility for your site. If you’re having trouble determining how exactly to repay HUD when a resident is mispaid subsidy, EIVS breaks down all the component parts: how to notify a tenant of the issue, what constitutes a proper repayment agreement, how to calculate the money owed, and how to set things straight for your site.  

Don’t fear EIV any longer – become an EIV Specialist and you’ll see just how much the system can maximize your property’s ability to further HUD’s goal of providing the right benefits to its deserving residents.