Orientation To Fair Housing


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Every person on your staff represents your company and opens you up to potential liability under the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights laws. In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled on TDHCA vs. ICP and determined that discrimination does not have to be intentional to violate the law.  From day one, you are at a potential liability by a staff person who simply may not know what is allowed and what is not.  This on-demand class introduces the basic concepts of Fair Housing and how it relates to all staff on your property.

Participants will learn: 

  • The fundamentals of the Fair Housing Act as amended
  • The concept of Reasonable Accommodations for individuals with disabilities
  • What does it mean to be Limited English Proficient and what housing providers can do to give equal access in our communities
  • How to determine if your state or city has additional Fair Housing protection above and beyond the Federal law.
  • Proactive measures you can take to protect your employer-and yourself-from complaints and financial losses

Presentation Length: 1 Hour 10 Minutes