The Use of Electronic Signatures, Transmission and Storage in HUD’s Multifamily Housing Programs



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The Use of Electronic Signatures, Transmission and Storage in HUD’s Multifamily Housing Programs

NCHM often is asked often if management could obtain electronic signatures on HUD recertification documents. Until mid-2020, the answer was "No. Not Yet". However, on May 26, 2020, HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing published the long-awaited Notice H 2020-04: Electronic Signature, Transmission and Storage- Guidance for Multifamily Assisted Housing Partners. This notice permits multifamily industry partners to avail themselves of Federal E-Transaction Laws and produce electronic documents, obtain electronic signatures, and transmit and store documents electronically. 

Be Aware: This notice does not apply to Public and Indian housing programs or the HOME program. To date, those offices have not released guidance on the use of electronic documents, signatures, or storage. 

Join Lisa Vercauteren, NCHM's Senior Vice President for Housing Programs, for a review of this important HUD Notice and the applicable Federal E-Transaction Laws. This special webinar covers: 

  • Types of documents that fall under the new guidance
  • The difference between digital signatures, electronic signatures and wet signatures
  • Signature requirements under E-Transaction Laws
  • Ensuring security when transmitting documents electronically
  • Electronic storage of documents, including tenant files
  • Maintaining security of data
  • Record retention requirements
  • Developing policies to address new protocol

The use of electronic signatures and documents can help to ease the burden of operating both during these challenging times and afterwards. NCHM makes the implementation of the new rules easy with this informative and timely on-demand webinar.

Prior to watching the video, please download the two provided PDF's for reference. 

Presentation Length: 1 Hour 6 Minutes