In an email to Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) on June 14, 2024, Richard Monocchio, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH), acknowledged the challenges faced by agencies in implementing numerous new regulatory requirements, including NSPIRE. To ensure these new requirements are implemented effectively, the compliance date for the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and Project-Based Voucher (PBV) programs, also known as “NSPIRE-V,” has been extended to October 1, 2025. This extension does not apply to any other HUD programs.

In the coming weeks, PIH will re-issue the NSPIRE HCV Administrative Procedures notice that was initially published on September 23, 2023. The updated notice will:

  1. Outline actions PHAs can take to meet the new compliance date of October 1, 2025, which will be published in the Federal Register.
  2. Remind PHAs of the December 23, 2024 compliance deadline for the requirements under the Public and Federally Assisted Housing Fire Safety Act of 2022. This Act mandates that each unit and common-use area of federally assisted housing contain hardwired or 10-year non-rechargeable, sealed, tamper-resistant battery-powered smoke alarm devices, regardless of their NSPIRE-V HQS Standards implementation date.
  3. Clarify that the Visual Assessment Standard for Potential Lead-Based Paint Hazards still applies, as NSPIRE did not revise the existing requirements under 24 CFR Part 35 Subparts M and H.

A full copy of the email can be found here. We will also share the updated notice once it is available from HUD.

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