NCHM’s Veterans for Housing Initiative took a big step forward on June 19, 2019 with the convening of a Summit in Washington, D.C. that attracted representatives from more than 35 management companies, local housing agencies, federal agencies and industry and veterans’ groups.

The day long planning session looked at the opportunities and obstacles to bringing more veterans and transitioning service members into jobs in housing management. All in attendance agreed that former military personnel represent a tremendous pool of talent that mainly goes untapped by housing providers. A major obstacle identified at the Summit was the lack of knowledge and understanding that civilians often have of veterans. For example, many employers assume that most veterans served in combat-related jobs while in the military, yet the fact is that fewer than 15% of active duty service members have combat roles as their primary assignment. The vast majority do jobs that are directly relatable to housing management including maintenance, compliance, administration, human resource management, health and service provision, and, yes, even housing operations.

The Veterans for Housing Initiative is intended to empower the housing management industry with the knowledge, skills and credentials it needs to significantly increase the number of former service members finding careers at all levels and in all areas of housing management.

As previously reported, NCHM is offering scholarships valued at $1 million to qualified veterans not currently in the housing industry and is working with several housing management organizations around the country on a pilot program that will recruit, train and place 25 apprentices in housing management positions.

If you know a veteran, reservist or someone on active duty military soon to enter civilian life that you think might be interested please direct them to ….. (link to application)

If your organization is interested in learning more about our efforts, please visit our dedicated website at or give Matt Garrow a call at 800-365-5625.

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